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The Department of Decentralization is always looking for relevant partners to fulfil our mandate to support initiatives for the broader community, such as the Goerli Testnet and the B9 labs Community Blockstars education program.

Most recently, we jumped at the chance to be the Community Sponsor for the upcoming Special Projects & Decentralized Engineering Company (SPADE) Run EVM event in Berlin on the 16th of April 2019 at Factory Görlitzer Park Berlin.

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Photo by @Mattthor

People are tired of getting fracked

“That pic of First Nations fighter with his fist in the air in front of a line of burning cop cars is my idea of greatness.” — Christine Karatnytsky

Today in Rexton, Canada, the RCMP moved in on First Nation activists protesting fracking, shouting at them,

Crown lands belongs to the government, not to fucking natives!

The protesters retaliated, setting six police cars on fire.

The police retaliated, arresting 40 individuals for firearms offenses, threats, intimidation & violating a court injunction. The rest of us notice the racism and jingoism. The ongoing settler colonialism. According to @Osmich, people have reported…

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@exiledsurfer / politricks

Polytopia is the new black

It’s now public knowledge that the alphabet soup of the Natsec state agencies knows everything about all of us, and that the largest tech companies are complicit in selling us out to the largest (or most coercive) bidders — our governments. All too often, I and my peers on twitter muse about living in the dystopian cyberpunk worlds we thought were object lessons rather than blueprints for a Knave New World. And we do it on the Utopian internet. …

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