The Struggle Is The Process

Some of the key problems when attempting make a change in an organization have been identified as lack of management support, inconsistent action by key managers, poor communication. In my experiences, the employees are often blamed for the change not effectively being implemented. It has also been my experience that more often than not it is managements fault when change falls through.

It can be difficult to change the way things have been done for years, no matter how small that change may be. Senior management and staff become so accustomed to the way something is done, they often may not recognize when they fall back into the old ways of doing things. I have seen so many times when management implements a change, and somehow all staff and other key management are suppose to know, understand, and implement these changes by some magical ESP they supposedly possess. The worst I have found is when explaining change to staff, they are told just to do it with no reason or understanding behind the new procedures.

Informing and educating employees can be time consuming, difficult, and tedious. But without the proper communication and understanding between the employees and management change is impossible, and without it any organization has doomed itself to fail.

I thing Dilbert explains it best!!!

Has anyone else ever experienced how difficult it can be to implement a change?

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