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💎 Referral rewards withdrawals started on December 20.

⚠️ Withdrawals are combined with airdrop and are held once a week on Mondays. Minimum withdrawal amount is 50 million EXL (~$5 in EXL tokens). Commission for withdrawal of referral fees $1 in EXL tokens.

Interest is accrued daily as follows:
🥇 1 л. — 0.035% per day (total 1.05% per month)
🥈 2 л. — 0.023% per day (total 0.69% per month)
🥉 3 л. — 0.012% per day (total 0.36% per month)

🌐 Showcased our NFTboxes Next Generation Marketplace website.

✅ We gathered a test group of over 400 people to test and refine NFTboxes Next Generation Marketplace.

🔆 Stay tuned! 🔆