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Last year Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, announced the Hyperloop Competition, which attempted to engage engineers from all across the world to create the new mode of transportation. With planes taking out the time commitment for long distance trips and cars capable of efficient short ventures, we were stuck with almost no high-speed and energy efficient mode of mid-range transportation.


Just as Exis was founded in Madison, WI — so was BadgerLoop. A group of roughly 150 student-engineers began their journey in summer 2015 towards success in SpaceX’s Hyperloop competition. During the design, the software engineers on the team came to us with a question: How do we solve network communication for our pod in an easy and scalable way?

They had previously attempted to use several of our competitor’s products, but to no avail. It seemed that the latency of data transmission was not up to their standard and also was rather complicated for their team to use. We found that this was a perfect chance to partner with an organization of students aiming towards a great cause.

The BadgerLoop team was in the process of designing their “Pod” (the vehicle of the Hyperloop system), and found that they had a large number of onboard sensors that needed to transmit data to their command station. Once we showcased the features of Exis, they were as good as gold. The BadgerLoop team took Exis and began to use its powerful networking tools to solve their problems.

SpaceX Design Weekend

Fast forward to January 2016 where the BadgerLoop team traveled to SpaceX’s Hyperloop Design Weekend at the Texas A&M campus. They gathered with a selection of the 1,400 initial teams that entered in to the competition. At the competition, they showcased their electrical/software demo which harnessed Exis.

With the weekend coming to a close, SpaceX announced the top 5 winning teams in which BadgerLoop took 3rd place in the world (see the article here)! This means that they, along with roughly 20 other teams will be traveling to Hawthorne, CA this summer to compete in the final competition weekend.

From Madison, WI to Hawthorne, CA

We are eager to continue to help the BadgerLoop team on their path to success and can not wait to see what we can produce together.

On, Wisconsin!

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.

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