Exis Simplifies Real Time App Communication

Let’s face it, the world is changing. Faster now than ever before, and as it changes people want to know about it…in real time. People expect to be able to see the score of the big game update, stocks prices change, and receive messages from their friends all instantly in real time without ever having to refresh the page. For the big time players this is old hat. The Googles and Twitters of the world all have the infrastructure and development cycles to throw at solving this problem.

But what about the rest of us? For the freelance developer or small time development shop time is as important as money, if not more so, and infrastructure is costly to acquire and maintain. For most of us the formula for success is to get as many applications out as quickly and cheaply and to as large of market as possible and if any of them gain traction then we can start throwing some real resources at it. So how exactly are we developers supposed to get polished applications, connected to the world in real time, up and running quickly and cheaply that can compete with the likes of Google and Facebook? Introducing Exis.

Exis makes it simple for developers to connect their applications to the world in real time without having to invest countless man hours or maintain costly infrastructure. With Exis you can easily publish the latest scores or stock prices to all the users of your application without writing extra code or forcing them to manually refresh. Peer to peer chat applications can be written easily and quickly — without the need for a backend. The core of the Exis platform is our messaging protocol. Exis uses WebSockets in order to enable bidirectional communication between backend and application or peer to peer. Exis provides cross-language Pub/Sub and RPC messaging. This allows developers to easily keep the data in their front-end applications in sync with rapidly changing backend data. It also allows developers to enable peer to peer communication without any need for a backend whatsoever.

To make it even easier on developers Exis provides a set of simple tools to address the most common problems developers face when trying to get their application out the door. Exis provides user authentication and fine-grained permissions to allow/restrict user access to Pub/Sub channels and API endpoints. Exis also provides cloud storage for applications and their users and allows developers to host custom backends in the cloud. If you want to see a demonstration of just how simple Exis can make development check out this tutorial showing a real time peer to peer chat application using Exis that’s just a few lines of code long.

The goal of Exis is simple…literally…we want to simplify app development.

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