Exhibit Exchange Official Launching

Today is the Official Launching of Exhibit Exchange

You can now register an account here:


1. You will receive 500 Exhibit Points (EXBP) upon registration
2. You will receive 100 Exhibit Points for your daily Log In
3. You will receive 10 Exhibit Points for every success trades

You must have at least 2000 EXBT holdings to avail Airdrops and Discounts

1. Holders of at least 2000 EXBT will receive amount on 60% Airdrop shares
2. Non Holders/Holders below 2000 will receive amount on 30% Airdrop Shares
3. Holders of at least 2000 EXBT are discounted in Trade fees
4. Holders of at least 2000 EXBT are discounted in Withdrawal fee

Note: Discounts to Trade Fee and Withdrawal Fee will be effective on November 20, 2018

》Bounties Reward Distribution

1. All bounty participants from Round 1 and Round 2 must have an Exchange Account and must set their Withdrawal Address the same as the receiving address they used in the Bounty. We will send directly your rewards inside the exchange.

Markets and Token Listed

1. Market pairs are

b. ETH
c. BTC

2. Primary token listed

b. TMB
c. OCC
e. EXBP ( Exhibit Points)

Upcoming Tokens

3. REG
4. EVA
5. YLC
6. SCC

EXBT Trading

For ETH pair
=》Minimum Buy order is 0.0000050

=》Minimum Sell order is 0.0000075
~Maximum Sell amount is 2000

For BTC pair
=》Minimum Buy order is 0.00000015

=》Minimum Sell order is 0.00000025
~Maximum Sell amount is 2000