How to Decommission Your Data Center

Data center decommission is no easy task; in fact, managing decommission can be quite complex. While data center decommissioning is a natural part of managing operations (given that technologies must be continuously retired and updated if a high level of service is to be continued), decommissions can still pose substantial hurdles.

What makes decommissioning complex?

  • A Variety of Assets
    Data centers rely on a wide breath of technologies to operate. From servers to computers to hard drives, there are countless components that must be addressed during decommission. The mere prospect of properly and effectively managing each of these individual assets and components can be daunting.
  • Security Concerns
    As any data center director knows, protecting data stored on a center’s servers is of the utmost importance. While regular security measures may be in place to effectively protect data on servers in operation, when equipment is retired, directors must be confident that this level of security is maintained and that no trace of data can be accessed. Security remains paramount given that 5,000 data breaches have been reported in the U.S. since 2005; the Internet Theft Resource Center reports the number of breaches continues to increase with each passing year.
  • Retaining High Value
    Even assets at the end of their lifecycle are worth something to data centers; while they may no longer meet your center’s needs for functionality, they can be sold on the resale market or recycled for scrap metal cash. The challenge lies in knowing which makes and models retain value, what the value is, and which marketing channels to pursue.

Attending to each of these concerns can make data center decommission timely and inefficient. When data center administrators need to look ahead, rather than stay stuck in the past, decommission becomes burdensome.

That’s why partnering with an IT asset disposition company can provide data centers with solutions to each of their decommission challenges. You need to remove and liquidate your data centers properly for security reasons. At Ex-It Technologies, we specialize in helping data centers properly dispose of their servers and other IT assets and earn money back in the process. When upgrading your data center, you must research and choose a company with experience. Ask a lot of questions as well.

Our Capabilities

  • Maintain an extensive collection of resale market channels to earn you top dollar
  • Accurately identify the assets that can be sold for resale value
  • Triple-wipe all hard drives to industry standards to eliminate the possibility of a data leak
  • Responsibly recycle assets for scrap metal cash
  • Guarantee secure disc crushing, downstream tracking, transport and storage

Coordinating decommission services with us is simple; identify your assets, send us an inquiry, and one of our experts will be in touch shortly. To learn more about the ways in which Ex-It Technologies can make your data center decommission exceptionally safe and seamless, and to request a quote, contact us at 239–596–2254.

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