The problem you see is those whose views you don’t care for are getting political traction.
Jean Lafitte

Jean Lafitte deplores the systematic trashing of Republicans in general, yet never asked himself could the actions of those Republicans have helped create that trashing.

Yes, it could. There has been, for a long time, a systematic trashing of Hillary. People who post things on social commentary actually write long lists of people she has supposedly killed, usually with Vince Foster at the head of the list. The various Whitewater investigations go on forever, and more are surely in the works. These investigations have one purpose: to trash Hillary and her husband.

Does anyone doubt which party is behind the “birther” allegations against Obama ? There should be no doubt. It’s the Republicans, of course. Forgive me if I shed no tears for those poor, innocent Republicans. They’re haters of the first magnitude.

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