A Total Lie
Lauren Dillon

This was an enormously important article, and I hope Hillary will use things like this effectively against Trump. But there’s a closely related problem that the US faces. It’s the widespread belief that in order to do a job effectively, formal education is necessary. To me, that is a lie. Yes, it’s true that college grads make more than non-grads. But we should ask ourselves “is that right and proper ?” My answer: no, it isn’t.

The false belief that you must be college-educated in order to do any job effectively has spawned other lies that serve to undermine individuals and weaken the whole country. They are: the idea that self-education, even in part, is impossible. The idea that college grads will always outperform non-grads on the job. The idea( and also the truth) )that you won’t even be granted a try-out for a job unless you have that degree.

Think of the cost of all these wrong assumptions, in terms of time and dollars.

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