I learned this exact truth stationed in Hawaii for 4 years while in the army.
Monty Bates

You never met anyone who didn’t love Alaska ? Wow ! I can’t believe it. Just now, you’re meeting that rarest of all people. I don’t hate Alaska, but I certainly don’t love it.

So what’s wrong with Alaska ? Start with mosquitoes. For a while as the months are warming, there’s a pleasant period when it’s no longer cold, but not really hot. Yes, things are pleasant, but I should have known that this had to end, and end it did. The mosquitoes came out, and life was miserable. Yes, I did use insect repellent, but that wasn’t totally effective. As one species of mosquitoes was dying out, another type of that insect was making its presence known. And from then until fall, which begins in August, there was never a time when things were pleasant.

There’s much more, but I’m trying to keep my postings short. Time to say “30”.

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