Криптовалютная платформа EXMO отказывается от проведения публичного этапа ICO: собственных средств биржи хватает, чтобы полностью обеспечить фонд маржинального кредитования и реализацию продуктовых планов компании.

“Стабильная позитивная динамика всех финансовых показателей платформы и невероятный рост числа пользователей платформы (на текущий момент у нас более 1 500 000 трейдеров, каждый день на EXMO регистрируется более 10 000 человек), позволяет полностью обеспечить реализацию бизнес-плана по запуску новых продуктов и услуг из собственных средств, — сообщил сооснователь платформы Иван Петуховский. — А учитывая ужесточившееся регулирование со стороны финансовых и надзорных органов в сфере ICO и криптовалют, EXMO не может гарантировать отсутствие неожиданных изменений в…

EXMO is calling off a planned crowdsale to the wider investing public due to full supply of its own funds for margin loans and other product launches.

“A stable positive dynamics of all financial indicators of the platform and the incredible users number increase (currently, we have more than 1.5 million traders, and there are more than 10 000 people that register on EXMO every day) allows us to fully supply our product business plan, — said co-founder of the platform Ivan Petukhovsky. — And as far the process of selling units of a cryptocurrency ahead of its launch is…

As ICO gain more and more popularity, entrepreneurs start to worry which country is best suited for running ICO. We understand that problem all too well, so our team wants to share conclusions from our own study conducted to help EXMO Coin build a solid legal foundation in its development.

Different countries refer to ICO differently. Some simply prohibit ICO and even close the crypto exchanges. Others, on the contrary, support the ICO, noting the promise of attracting investments, which, they believe, will help raise the level of small business development and, consequently, the level of technological development. …

Savvy investors often ask: how do you explain that investing in EXMO Coin will bring benefits? In this article, we aimed at explaining the logic and calculations behind the EXMO Coin financial model.

Why will the EXO token value constantly increase?

To get a better taste of the EXO token growth forecast you may use the investor’s calculator on EXMO Coin website, which is there to showcase how the token’s value will grow over time.

The EXMO Coin calculator is essentially a reflection of our business plan. It uses the key indicators for measuring the effectiveness of EXMO business processes.

Over 2,500 blockchain enthusiasts from all around the world gathered at the Vietnam Blockchain Week on March 7–8, 2018, to share their experience, insights, and knowledge of the issues hitting the crypto landscapes and affecting blockchain startups, as well as major corporations globally.

The event gave us a terrific chance to get acquainted with the cryptocurrency market and community from and beyond Asia, as the conference attracted the big brands such as Microsoft, London Stock Exchange, Bank of America, IBM etc. …

The EXMO Coin team became a part of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference on February 16–18, 2018.

Simon Cocking, our esteemed adviser, travelled with the team yet again to share the logic of the EXMO Coin with the world. Simon became a part of the investing panel at the conference and talked about the prospects of investing in a crowdsale by an already successful business along with other investing gurus in the field. You may see what it was like here.

Dear community,

Over the past five months the whole EXMO team has been working tirelessly to make EXMO Coin crowdsale as lucrative and safe for its investors as possible. We came a long and interesting path while planning it, participated in 10 conferences, held over 200 meetings and negotiations with our potential investors.

We are ready to provide investors, customers and partners with the best investment conditions. Nevertheless, the unpredictable and drastic changes to the regulations in the cryptocurrency field make us, as pragmatists, move the EXMO Coin crowdsale launch date to September 10, 2018.

We firmly decided that we…

We are excited to announce that Giovanni Lesna Maranetto, blockchain strategist, entrepreneur and ICO specialist, joins our team as an advisor of EXMO Coin!

Giovanni’s background is in traditional finance and international business, banking risk and trading systems. He is a co-founding team member at Hedge and an external advisor to Adbank and Lucyd. His skill set spans from tokenomics, ideation, implementation, networking and business development through to commercialization and monetization of concepts and fintech related products.

Giovanni graduated form a Top 100 Business School (UWA, Australia) and holds commerce degrees with distinction in International Business, Banking and Economics. He…

Up until the start of the EXMO Coin crowdsale on April 26 our team members will continue to present EXO token at major international blockachain events.

If you get a chance feel free to come and chat with us face to face! We will be glad to meet and talk to everyone — blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors or marketing professionals. You may ask us any questions about the EXMO Coin token, EXMO as a business, our competitive advantages or further plans.

Check out the events page on our website & our Telegram channel to learn where we travel next!


The EXMO Coin team has stepped on the path to ensure that crypto crowds around the world are acquainted with the upcoming crowdsale, thus we tend to attend some of the world’s biggest events in the blockchain field.

In early February, our team attended the Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore. A lot of entrepreneurs and investors had an opportunity to discuss the latest investing trends at the conference, and it gave us a chance to get acquainted with the cryptocurrency market and community in Asia.

We were happy to observe the high interest towards our crowdsale among the conference visitors…


A unique business model in the crypto world, enabling growth of your crypto capital while ensuring investment security.

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