I agree. Can we add Radical Christian as well?
Alison M Collins

Dear Alison. Thank you for noticing and posting. The fact is that Jesus didn’t call his followers “Christians”, but “disciples”. Christian was a name given to the disciples by other people, but it isn’t the point. It’s difficult to be a disciple, because it has a specific and difficult ruleset to be applied into the very own life. But I would agree that everyone who call himself/herself a true “Christian” or a “disciple” would stand on two most important Bible commandments. Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbour as you love yourself. It’s a shame that sometimes instead of giving love, people take the law in their own hands, so you have a “Christian terrorists” as we know them. KKK is an example, IRA is an example, ETA is an example. All of these are examples of how “Christianity” shouldn’t be spread, and taught. That’s why we have so many articles labeled: “Muslims are blah blah blah…, LGBT people are blah blah blah … Republicans or Democrats are blah blah blah … “. Because the people who call themselves “Christians” do not live on the principles written in the Bible. The same principle applies to Muslim “medresa”(faith schools). I don’t have to believe in Kur’an, I don’t have to be a Muslim, but also I don’t believe that any regular or nominal Muslim is going to kill somebody, just for the sake of justifying his/her own causes and faith. It’s so easy to be a moral judge, and hurt someone, but it’s so difficult to bring love, peace, joy, and friendship. That’s why Christmas should be celebrated in that fashion, for God himself came to this world to bring love, peace and frienship. So people, Merry Christmas and love for all.

p/s: I apologise for any grammar mistakes, since I come from Croatia, and English isn’t my native language.

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