How do we fix civilization?

Back in October our Founder and Chairman, Salim Ismail, gave a talk at TEDxToronto on how to fix civilization.

Though you might not know it watching the news, by almost every metric the world is actually in a better state now than ever before. But in this new age of technological disruption (which we are less than 2% into), we must accept that the institutions, mindsets, and processes of the past that have allowed us to safely progress are and will continue to break in front of our eyes. We cannot sit still and expect that what brought us safely to this point will provide the same outcomes under the very different circumstances coming down the pipe. Technology may be the forcing function of this change, but within it also lies the solutions to this next era of civilization. It’s time to expand the conversation on what comes next in order to keep us progressing toward the best possible future.

Watch Salim’s TEDx talk here:

Salim Ismail is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations — required reading at the world’s top organizations. He’s the Founding Executive Director at Singularity University and a former Yahoo! exec who built and sold his company to Google. He now leads ExO Works and Fastrack Institute in a Chairman role, among other initiatives.

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