This is an insight into the design process for the Intention Mirrorproject. Inclusive user research with former convicts helped design a product that would give ownership of their return into society and help reduce their distrust towards self-tracking technology.

This article summarises a late-breaking work that will be presented at CHI 2019, a conference of Human-Computer Interaction, on Tuesday, 7th May 2019.

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A composite of the final prototype. Wearable, application and ambient visualisation.

Each year, 34.895 people are sentenced to imprisonment in the Netherlands. Leaving prison is a very stressful moment, causing a lot of unnecessary confusion and frustration that contributes to 47% of them having a new criminal case within two years. Former convicts receive assistance in many ways but not in one crucial area: Understanding their stress levels. Reflexion is a prototype to help ex-prisoners monitor their stress levels and learn self-management. …

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Oh hello, there curious reader... Are you wondering about what team X-FOURS has been up to in Sprint 4? Well, let me take you a bit back to sprint 3 to refresh your mind.

Rewind time 🕰

In sprint 3 we made 4 different prototypes that we tested at an Exodus house. We also had translate sessions with various experts on different fields to brainstorm and get useful feedback on our prototypes. From the new insights we gained, we came up with the idea of a 3-step tool to track data that will help make participants more aware of their behaviour. We want…

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Ready to see Venom the movie

Welcome back! We are the X- Fours as you may already know. We kicked Sprint 3 off by watching a superhero movie called Venom. It is based on the Marvel comics. What you don’t know, we are superheroes in a way. This is because we are solving a design challenge: “How do we use participant data to inform them of a frustration state so that they may release or reduce it in order to aid them in their reintegration process?”

Let me refresh your mind how we got to the design challenge. From our research in Sprint one, we narrowed…

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Our new ‘Laaf’ Statues

So yes, it took us some time to come up with a team name, from Team Prisoners to Project X to X-Men to finally X-Fours!! This is the four of us with our G4 Jet coach, Mick!!

We had a long Sprint 1, including our trips to Exodus houses in Rotterdam and Leiden and we entered into Sprint 2 carrying all those insights with a Bang!!

Research Challenge

Sprint 1 gave us a lot of data about our project and the participants and our first task were to contain these insights somehow. So, we kicked off Sprint 2 by narrowing down our…

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Project X team

Anushree is on the left, she is a Game Designer from India. Her specialty is questioning the teams’ ideas and making us justify our design choices.

Roxane is to her right, she is a design student at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, she specialises in coercing decisiveness out of our (sometimes) decision-averse group.

Mick is in the middle. He’s our coach, specialising in giving careful guidance and being a G4 Jet Coach.

That’s me with the thumbs up. My name is Alec, I’m a User Experience Design student hailing from America, currently pursuing a degree in The Hague. …

X-FOURS — Digital Society School

Blog of X-Fours, fall2018 team within the ‘Digital to Physical’ track. Members: Roxane de Jong, Anushree Jain, Ginger Ultee and Alec Stewart

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