If you have been holding Bitcoin Cash in a Ledger, Trezor, BitPay, or Bitcoin.com wallet, you can use Exodus to safely split your BCH and BSV coins.

If you currently use Exodus, please make sure you have upgraded to the latest wallet release to ensure a smooth experience in claiming your BSV.

If you do not already have Exodus installed on your desktop, you can find the latest version here and an installation guide here. Welcome aboard!

We asked Ryan, one of our lead developers at Exodus, what he thought about the blockchain space, the future of Exodus, and how he got involved in crypto.

The following is a transcript of a recorded interview that took place on March 12, 2018.

Welcome to Exodus Movement Radio — easing you into the new economy. I’m your host Davey and today we’re joined by Ryan, one of Exodus’ star developers.

Thank you for being here today…

What are they and how can I keep them safe?

Disclaimer: The following article does not cover computer security practices or how to protect oneself from the most common threats and vulnerabilities found online. Exodus is a software wallet that connects to the internet and stores your digital assets on your computer. There are alternatives that keep your digital assets off of your computer and provide greater security than Exodus, such as hardware wallets.

When you download an Exodus wallet, it is your personal wallet. No one at Exodus has any control over it nor access to your funds. This is not so different in terms of ownership from the wallet in your back pocket or the purse over your shoulder. Our team of…


Anti-fiat rebel, traveler, and Community Happiness Engineer at https://www.exodus.io

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