ExoPlanets & GUP Tutorial

Oct 16 · 3 min read

ExoPlanets is the first real-time multiplayer 3D browser game in the crypto gaming industry!

We have integrated the game with GUP token, and thus gave birth to the official beta of the ExoPlanets-GUP mining game — This is a huge step forward, both for ExoPlanets development and the crypto gaming industry!

Play against others in a race to mine as many resources as you can before all the resources are depleted,and then convert the resources to GUP tokens.

Basic rules of the game:

  • The galaxy resets every 4 hours. There is a total of 1500 GUP resources units available in the galaxy in every round .After reset all players, spaceships and drones will disappear and all resources will be regenerated.
  • Every resource mined is worth 1 GUP token. That means that (for example) if you mine 940 resources you will get 940 GUP after sending the transaction.
  • You must have at least 300 GUP (The price for launching a spaceship) in order to launch a spaceship and play.
  • Use the mouse and keyboard to navigate and control your spaceship in space. (sometimes more than one press is needed to start the flight)
  • Fly towards one of the planets — when you get close enough your spaceship will automatically land.
  • Same control applies to your drone when you land on a planet’s surface. Space bar is used to move/stop, and the mouse is used to control the directions and mine.
  • Start mining as many resources as you can by left click to laser beam the resources / minerals
  • Bringing your drone to the flagged base on the planet will allow you to send a mining transaction on the Ethereum blockchain and receive tokens to your Ether wallet.
  • Click the arrow on screen top/left to exit screen and jump back to space to look for another planet
  • Look for the warp — bride between space A and space B to find more planets
  • You can exit the game and come back as many times as you want without paying again until the galaxy refreshes. Every time the galaxy is refreshed you will have to launch a new spaceship.
  • If you had resources that you mined in your inventory when the refresh happened, they are lost. So make sure to convert your resources to ExoTokens before that happens.
  • You can land on a resource planet, mine, and then relaunch back to space and fly to another planet without losing your mined resources.
  • Sending any kind of transaction on the Ethereum blockchain requires the player to pay for gas, which is paid with small amount of Ether.
  • The game is currently a desktop version working on Chrome browser only.
  • This is a beta, so keep in mind that it might contain bugs and other issues, please treat it as one and let us know if you find any!

Useful Tips:

  • You will have more chances finding resources right when the galaxy resets. If you log in a few hours after the refresh, most chances are that other players mined them all before you and you will land on empty planets.
  • Fly to a different planet immediately after each reset and check out how many resources are available on it. Some planets contain more resources than others!

Enjoy, have fun and spread the word!

ExoPlanets.io Team.

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