ExoPlanets Presale On Thundercore !

Greetings space explorers!

Not long ago we have announced that the ExoPlanets crypto game will also be deployed on Thundercore — a super fast and efficient blockchain.

After working on the Thundercore version of ExoPlanets for this past month or so, we’re very happy to share more details with you, that will make your space lambo moon!

Presale Announcement

The ExoPlanets Thundercore presale will start on the 1st of July and will last until the end of the month, the 31st of July!

Much like the presale we had last year in the Ethereum version of the game, This presale will also be conducted using the extremely fun “auction style” sale, in which we release new planets in small batches, and you will be able to try and get them (if you’re fast enough), but other players will be able to steal them from you while paying you more than what you paid for it! With every purchase of an ExoPlanet during the presale, the planet’s price will increase automatically, making it a fun, full of adrenaline and crypto-worthy experience!

Your goal is to try and claim ExoPlanets that you like, in hopes that no one else buys them from you. But do not worry, if someone has bought and snatched it from your grasp, you’ll get more than what you paid for it!

But wait, there’s more!

During the presale we will also put up for sale special ExoPlanets that will be used as arenas in our new upcoming mobile game — ExoBattles
ExoBattles is a live multiplayer battle royal crypto game that is directly related to ExoPlanets, using its graphic style, design, lore and it’s ERC20 ExoTokens. The special Arena ExoPlanets are extremely scarce and rare, with only a handful released during the presale. The owners of Arena ExoPlanets will get a monthly reward from the total ExoTokens economy.

ExoTokens — The Best ERC20 In The Galaxy

This is very exciting since you can now be the owner of a unique ExoPlanet that will also function as an arena in another fighting game, and get crypto rewards for it! Blockchain gaming at its finest! More info about the Arena ExoPlanets will be released soon.

ExoBattles Gameplay

What happens after the presale?

Once the presale is over, all ExoPlanets ownership will be locked in, and every planet you managed to keep during the presale is officially yours! You will be able to play with your ExoPlanet, evolve life on it, send out spaceships to mine resources and ExoTokens in our live multiplayer mining game, or put it up for sale in the galactic market in whatever price you’d like.

So much awesomeness!

We know this might be a lot of information to process, but we also know this presale is going to be super exciting and fun! Get your space boots on, we’re going for a ride!

If you need more information about ExoPlanets, the best place to start is in our website: http://exoplanets.io

For questions and direct contact with us, feel free to join our Discord server and ask in the ExoPlanets-TC channel, or join our ExoPlanets-TC Telegram group.

Get ready to moon,
The Exo Team.