ExoPlanets & Rya Contest Collaboration

We are very happy to announce the first mining contest collaboration between ExoPlanets and another blockchain project — Rya Coin!

The contest will start on Sunday, January 27th, and will last for 3 rounds. Every round will contain 300 resources that players will be able to mine. The player with the most resources mined throughout these rounds will be declared the winner, and will win a 50,000 Rya coins airdrop!!!

Rya is a cryptocurrency designed to be a stable medium of exchange. This is achieved by tethering money supply to the price of money in the p2p loan market. Check out this amazing project and read more here.

For more info on the contest and participation check out our Telegram or Discord group. If you already own an ExoPlanet then start practicing your mining!

Thrusters engaged, commencing countdown to launch… Are you ready to mine?!