Flags — a new claiming mechanism for resource planets

Greetings space explorers!

Allow us to introduce one of the new features we’ve been working on in ExoPlanets: Flags.

Flags are a new in-game mechanism and mini-game that will work hand in hand with the mining mechanism, and will make resource planets claiming a lot more fun, interactive and rewarding.

Unlike the ExoPlanets, which you can claim by simply purchasing them, resource planets will be claimed by sending a spaceship from your ExoPlanet, landing on a resource planet and planting a flag on its surface. Planting your flag on a resource planet will generate 2 ExoTokens per hour for the duration of the flag’s lifespan. There are several types of flags;

  • A grey flag — The basic flag that all players have by default. Planting it on a resource planet will claim the planet for 12 hours or until another player replaces it with their own flag.
  • A purple flag — Costs 24 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 1 day + gives you 10% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.
  • A green flag — Costs 72 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 3 days + gives you 12% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.
  • A blue flag — Costs 168 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 7 days + gives you 15% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.

If a you land on a claimed resource planet that has any flag other than the grey flag, you have two options: Mine the resources on it (if they haven’t been mined yet) and pay tribute from your mining rewards to the current owner, or replace the current flag by paying its owner the full value of the flag in order to remove it and then plant your own flag.

If a resource planet is claimed with a grey flag, you can just kick that flag right out and put yours instead! Are you ready to fight for your flag? :D

Claiming resource planets with flags can be very rewarding — you generate 2 ExoTokens per hour, you get tribute if other players mine the resources on the planet, and as if that’s not enough, you might get your flag’s worth back if another player will pay to remove it and plant his own flag. Win win win.

Note: Flags do not replace mining! You can still mine resources regardless of flags. Flags are an additional feature to make things more interesting and fun.

Special flags:

There are 2 special flags that are available only for TGE (Tokens Generation Event) participators and contributors: A silver flag and a gold flag.

  • Silver flag — Costs 720 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 30 days + gives you 17% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.
  • Gold flag — Costs 2160 ExoTokens and will claim the resource planet for 90 days + gives you 20% tribute from other players who will mine resources on your planet.

These two flags are special both in their long period of claiming time and in the high tribute they will grant the owner, but they also have one other advantage that is essential for TGE participators; You can put it on any resource planet in the galaxy without having to land a spaceship on it or even own an ExoPlanet. Don’t have time for evolution or space exploration? — just choose a resource planet in the galaxy map, teleport to it’s surface and plant that flag!

Edit: As requested, here are some example scenarios to explain the flags mechanism better with actual use cases;

Scenario A: You land on a resource planet and discover that you are the only one there. You can mine 100% of the resources without worrying about paying tribute or that some other players might mine the resources. You can also claim the resource planet with any flag you want. Claiming it with a grey flag will last for 12 hours and generate 24 ExoTokens, but you will have to manually plant another one every 12 hours. If you don’t want to worry about it then perhaps it would be best to plant a better flag that will last longer.

Scenario B: You land on a resource planet only to find out there is another player there and he claimed the planet with a green flag. You can also see that resources will be regenerated in 30 minutes. You can either claim the planet by paying the other player the ExoTokens value of his green flag (72 ExoTokens) and plant your own flag, or you can just mine the resources and pay him 12% tribute from the resources you mine. 
Note that he might be waiting for the resources to be regenerated as well, and when the timer hits 0 you will both race each other to mine as many resources as you can.

Scenario C: You land on a resource planet and find there are 6 other players on it, and they are constantly fighting over who’s grey flag is up. You can either join the fiasco and plant your own grey flag until someone else knocks it down and then just plant it again, or you can put up a better flag in hopes that it will keep them from replacing it. If you put up a red flag it is likely to be replaced since it is cheap, but if you put up a blue flag, other players might not be able to afford to replace it. Use strategy to claim resource planets, or use your will power to continuously replace other people flags until they tire out.
In this scenario, when the resources regeneration timer hits 0, you will compete with several players on the available resources, so make sure you are there in time and mine as much as you can before others do!

What else is new?

Multiple users can land on the same resource planet and mine it’s resources.

Mining resources is an actual mini game where you have to walk around the surface of the resource planet, find resources and mine them. Several players can do that simultaneously.

Only after landing on a resource planet will you be able to know if it is already claimed, what resources are available on it, when will resources be regenerated, how many other players landed on that planet and more.

Landing on a resource planet will leave your spaceship there for good as a scouting base, and will allow you to mine resources every time they are generated. It will also allow you to know real time stats and details about the resource planet.

Players will compete against each other and will try to mine as much as they can before resources are depleted.

Resources will regenerate once every 24 hours.

We are working around the clock to bring you the best crypto game ever and we are truly inspired by your support and patience. Thank you all for being the most amazing community out there!

Let us know what you think about the flags mechanism in the comments or in our Discord or Telegram group, feedback is always appreciated.

Go ExoPlanets!