Lumi Collect — Your one stop shop for NFTs!

Lumi Blockchain Wallet & ExoPlanets

With new crypto wallets showing up every day, it is hard to find a wallet that will do and support everything you need in the crypto space. Most people use two entirely different wallets, or even more if their cryptocurrencies and assets are diverse.

We here at ExoPlanets know it is sometimes hard to keep tabs, especially if you own crypto games assets as well. Allow us to introduce you to Lumi wallet.

Lumi Wallet is an established crypto wallet for Android and iOS devices, but also has a web interface, so it is basically accessible and usable on PC’s and any other device you might have.

Aside from it’s support for mainstream cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens, smooth UI and pleasant design, Lumi surpasses others by providing users with one additional app: Lumi Collect.

The Lumi Collect App

Lumi Collect is a separate crypto wallet that focuses solely on Non-Fungible Tokens (such as ERC721 tokens), allowing you to manage and view all of your dApps and crypto games assets in one beautiful interface. It is the wallet that every crypto gamer needs!

While keeping your privacy and security in the highest of priorities, Lumi Collect makes it super easy to import your Ethereum wallet using your recovery phrase. The entire setup process takes a couple of minutes, after which you will find all of your NFTs beautifully listed in your collection.

Collections with great UI!

Lumi did an amazing job and the app feels light, super fast and responsive, and very easy to use. It also maintains that gaming feeling with a slick and playful design that will make you want to look at your amazing crypto collections and show it off to everyone on a daily basis.

The Lumi Collect app also allows you to view your Ether balance, send and receive Ether, view transactions history, and even has a built-in browser for you to keep playing your crypto games and dApps in your mobile, proving that it is indeed a true one stop shop for all of your blockchain gaming needs!

The app even has an “Explore” section that will reveal new and interesting crypto games for you to discover, and is updated very often. If you find yourself bored with your crypto game, head over to Lumi Collect’s explore section and find some new blockchain thrills! With every new game asset you buy, your collection will grow and will become even more magnificent, especially with that beautiful view that the app provides.

Explore ExoPlanets In The App

ExoPlanets in Lumi Collect

ExoPlanets is the latest addition to the app’s explore section, where you will be able to learn about the game, buy, sell, play with and view your planets collection.

We are proud to take part in such an amazing and important crypto wallet and hope it will help push forward our mutual goal of mass adoption to crypto games and crypto in general.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Lumi Collect app (available for iOS and Android), import your existing Ethereum wallet or create a new one (don’t forget about saving your mnemonic phrase then), look for ExoPlanets in the ‘Explore’ section and start your galactic conquest from the comfort of your phone!

Have fun,
The ExoPlanets Team.