Hillary Clinton Electoral fraud

Criminal complaint

TOP: HillaryClinton Jan 19, 2016

BOTTOM: HillaryClinton Sept 19, 2016

COMPARE: Cover your right eye and compare both photos.


MY EVALUATION: Top person is 10 years older; 10–15 pounds heavier than bottom person.

Eyes, nose, and smile of each person is different.

CONCLUSION: Reasonable examination of recent news photos of public persona of “HillaryClinton” demonstrates, more probably than not they are different persons.

LEGAL CONCLUSION: Electoral fraud is being perpetuated by candidate Hillary R. Clinton, Yale Law School 1973, in violation of Federal Election Commission rules and applicable state election laws.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, Esq.

-Member, DCBar License No. 412541

-Elected Clinton Delegate

1996 Texas Presidential Democratic Convention, Dallas, TX – First Lady Hillary Clinton Keynote Speaker

-Yale Law School 1967