SATANIC MAJESTY UPDATE: So I was Gangstalked today by a special black squadcar whose plainclothes bearded CIA/MI6-controlled driver stopped next to me on a quiet Vancouver West End street as I was walking just a few blocks to my Accupuncture appointment, and stared his best MKULTRA stare at me. That used to happen only when the controllers wanted to block me reaching upper densities. Today the controllers are fanning out preparing the terrain for his Satanic Majesty to be, visiting Vancouver starting a month from now Sept 24. Last time his Daddy Prince Charles visited the Yukon he Gangstalked my other half in White Horse. Don’t let the toothy smiles of WillIAm deceive you. The Windsors own 26% of the surface of the planet and are AI Artificial Intelligence Prophets, Sponsors and Hosts. Prince Charles signed off on the Royal Society report saying AI’s planetary threat is negligible.

Watch this interview about Charles’ son William, a most willing Monarch & AI Prophet, Sponsor & Host.

August 25, 2016

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