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I recently gave a talk at the local Microservices meetup titled “Microservices in a Serverless World”. In the talk, I contrast microservices and serverless architectures through the lenses of design, tools, and process. I wrap up the talk with a quick summary of where I think things are going from here, which is what I want to elaborate on in this post.

I believe that serverless computing (aka “functions-as-a-service” or FaaS) represents a paradigm shift in our industry, as it:

  • Drops the barrier to entry
  • Slashes the cost to operate
  • Requires no specialized OS or hardware knowledge

Traditionally, deploying a…

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In this era of texting and instant messaging, web-based chat is the preferred way of interacting with customer service and support for many users¹. It certainly beats spending an interminable amount of time stuck on hold or navigating a baroque call tree. It’s also preferable to firing an email off into the void with no sense of when or whether it will be responded to or understood.

With chat you know that there’s someone on the other end to help you out. Most support requests start out with only a vague sense of what the problem is. With chat, you…

Credit: Death to Stock

It’s now been a little over a year and a half since I rebooted my consultancy after investing 8 years in helping to build Pulse Energy, a successful energy efficient SaaS startup, to exit through acquisition. In that time, I’ve had the chance to apply what I’ve learned in helping other small and medium-sized tech companies bring new products to market.

I’ve been negligent in capturing and sharing the things that I’ve learned in the process. This blog is my attempt to hopefully correct that. Let’s see how it goes.

This blog will cover topics such as serverless and cloud computing, microservices, agile/lean software development practices, growth hacking, digital marketing, search engine optimization, coding utilities, software productivity tools and more. Now that I put it down, that seems like an ambitious list. Let’s get started…

Owen Rogers

Solutions Architect, Product Owner, Consultant: Making a better world through software

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