Elusive Artist Jonny Craig

Praise for Jonny Craig’s “Find Your Home” EP

Insanely talented American Canadian Jonny Craig put out a new EP in April, shortly after the announcement of his pregnancy with girlfriend Syd. Looking forward to the birth of his son and shaking personal demons, Jonny Craig’s fresh release was well-received.

Cover art from Jonny Craig’s EP “Find Your Home” features stylized portrait
Cover art from “Find Your Home” EP from Jonny Craig

Former member of Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, and Slaves, Jonny Craig’s new project was called “riveting, emotional, and so much more” by Substream Magazine.

Respect Magazine praises “Find Your Home” saying, “If you’re here for the music and not the drama, Jonny is ready to deliver.”

Listen to the “Find Your Home” EP by Jonny Craig on Spotify.

Best Underground Collab from Jonny Craig

If you are a fan of Jonny Craig looking for more from this elusive artist, be sure to check out his slept-on collaboration with Postcard in “Under My Skin”.

Postcard re-mastered “Under My Skin” released July 7, 2020.
Postcard “Under My Skin” released July 7, 2020

Jonny shreds the vocals on this heart-wrenching melody with artist Postcard, who mixes in rapping and fast-paced beats for a haunting, emotional track.

Listen to “Under My Skin” by Postcard & Jonny Craig on Spotify.

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