Pros and cons of Holiday Packages

Holidays are approaching or you simply want to take a leave from your work and take a trip to get rid of all that stress and satiate that wanderlust of yours. Going on a holiday with your friends and families are a great way to bond, create memories and have fun altogether or you might be lone traveller who likes travelling alone exploring places at your own pace. Exploring new places helps us keep in perspective how vast this world is and where our place is in this world.

We are sitting in our home or office or just roaming about and a feeling of wanderlust takes over. What’s better than taking a trip to Goa by getting a holiday package to India? Holiday packages have lost their edge in today’s time and travel agents have lost their worth as it has become fun and easier to book travel arrangements independents through internet. But holiday packages still have their advantages in today’s world of instability and uncertainty.

  1. They offer financial protection in case the travel company goes bankrupt. ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) certificates are given to the customers as soon as payment is made to assure that they are covered under the scheme. Under the scheme, it is made sure that your money is safe and you don’t get stranded in a foreign country in case of Travel Company’s bankruptcy. However, not all travel packages are covered under this scheme and you may have to ask your travel operator for assistance. ATOL certificates are a great improvement made which provides the travellers a peace of mind while travelling so that they can spend a quality time on their trip.
  2. A major setback faced by travellers is the general uncertainty around the world. There are constant disturbances happening around the globe in different countries all the time such as strikes, closedown, curfew, etc. In such cases, independent travellers are left with hard options and do not have any help to fall back on. For instance, you get one of the Greek island holiday packages in peak season. Because you have a package tour guides are already booked which would have been pretty difficult to have been booked on the spot due to rush.
  3. You are able to cover all the major tourist attractions as Greek Islands Holiday Packages provide complete tour.
  4. As all the tours and most meals are paid for already as part of the package, you get to travel hassle-free and there is no need to carry extra cash unnecessarily.
  5. They are usually cost efficient as all the bookings for hotels, food and travel is being made by one agency.

Some disadvantages of holiday packages are as follows:

  1. You may not get enough time to explore. For instance, Sri Lanka Holiday Packages is my holiday destination which I would be able to explore at my own pace if I travel independently and not otherwise as we have to travel with the crowd in case of holiday packages.
  2. They often lack flexibility as we are bound to its itinerary.
  3. You wouldn’t enjoy the holiday if you are not a big fan of roaming around in big crowds.

So after making an informed decision, you can choose whether to plan independently or choose a Holiday Packages to India.