The Fountain of Youth


This is an intuitive thought research paper. It combines my own experiences, personal stories, stories from friends, the media, the public and the truth tellers, statistics, questions, resources, action steps and commands around Adrenochrome, soul siphoning and related topics.

There is a “prelude", “interlude" and “focal point". If wanting to mainly integrate information around adrenochrome then scroll down to the bolded title “focal point".

I left an abusive “spiritual group” in November 2017. To unwind from it and to learn the lessons I signed up to remember, I learned about soul harvesting, including seeing how life force energy is siphoned energetically on the spiritual plane.

How harvesting shows up on the spiritual plane started to reveal itself to me on the physical, and vice versa.

Once it is seen and the veils lift, using ones own divine will can create the opposite.

Myself, this teacher and his students did not ingest blood. The energy siphoning from his students happened through alternative methods.

My experience with him and his group showed me that soul harvesting and extracting anothers life force energy is real, and essential to address if we want to live on a safe, sovereign and harmonious planet.

Once it is seen and the gravity is felt, the actions of criminal minds and their distorted ways are then more easily seen, and understood, within other facets of life and then appropriately addressed with fair and just consequences.

I have been writing about this from various angels the past 9 months, as described within my blog called “A Sensitives Journey With A Narcissistic Spiritual Teacher" which has 85+ articles written by myself and a huge resources section.

What happens on the physical plane effects the emotional, mental and spiritual plane and vice versa. Using intuition and drawing can reveal many aspects that I am pointing towards as well. Following the flow of money is helpful for this drawing process.

I left this spiritual group once realizing the main teacher and the ones who enabled his abuse were siphoning the other students energy and souls wisdom codes.

Similar to how the government offshoots their harmful actions, he had “his basic students” at the bottom of his course pyramid. To agree to this entrapment the student needs to believe himself and his advanced students are above them.

The more money that is given through courses the deeper connection to “source" is claimed, yet truly its deeper entanglement with the teacher and his technology, the new “false God".

He has a brilliant mind yet is also a psychopath, which means he feels no remorse for the pain he causes (and puts on an act when needed). He also lacks emotional and physical intelligence.

Having “all of the codes" or information is what he cares about. Not being able to feel the pain or pleasure of another body, including limited access to ones own emotions and the momentum they inspire, negates the ability to be emotionally intelligent.

Mastery or ascension, which is actually the soul descending into the body, produces soul embodiment. This can not occur if there is not harmony on the Four Planes Of Stability-- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

His students did not work with blood or ingest it from my awareness. His trickery mainly existed on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes, with physical being engaging sexually with his students.

His mind holds lots of interesting information yet does not have a connection to the earth’s powerful energies, thereby limiting his own powers. He uses his students bodily energy and soul codes to supplement was he can not achieve thereby is highly envious of.

When a mind is confused due to false truths being implanted, its bodies life force energy can more easily be extracted and funneled, for a split has occurred.

When the intention is to hijack codes or siphon then it’s in the magicians favor to create trap doors within the others consciousness and implant seeds of self destruction. Those seeds could be simple and discreet.

A teacher who’s gained respect from their student could say “One day you will be an amazing teacher" to their student who is already a teacher. Thereby planting seeds of self doubt and insecurity and creating co-dependency on the teacher to become that “great teacher" one day.

This is emotional and mental abuse and manipulation that then causes the student to give more of their financial and even bodily life force energy towards the teacher to become that which they already are, a great teacher.

One version of them knows the truth while the other has been led down a faulty timeline, severing their central energy current from source and redirecting the remains towards the abusive shadow magician who is pulling from the timeline that created the lie.

One version of themselves is on a timeline that’s knows the truth while another is following the false light. This split causes the core self to have less life force energy to carry out its missions and purpose.

The Fountain of Youth -- Interlude

Sharing about violence or “dark stuff" is appropriate when it comes from passion, clarity, compassion, stability and fierce love. It becomes “darker" if the writer or reader goes into fear. They forgot they are powerful enough to undo the game.

Placing your consciousness around a subject matter and having the intention to collapse and dissolve it as you come out from ignorance/darkness ends the cycle, it does not feed it.

Fear can shift into anger which can shift into courageous action. This is the warriors path.

I now see how the energy of the soul is siphoned and how this shows up on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. I can see how the energy flows and I’m on the end game team, helping to bring these atrocities to a completion.

I was alone in my understandings for the first 6 months once out from this “spiritual group". Those months were extremely challenging beyond what I can even share with written word. Then I found new friends with awareness of what has been going on, including far beyond this teacher’s and his personal games.

I recommend taking your time to look through the content below. There will likely be an article or section within the resources that stands out to you to open first. Please build the courage and revisit if you feel inspired to. You will know what you’re being asked to see, thereby will look further into that area of study and understanding.

Since I am aware of how challenging this can be to integrate, especially when other people around you don’t understand or are too brainwashed to see or explore with you, I am here saying I am able to support you.

I have various offerings at this time. I can also support through posts like these in the comments section to the best of my ability.

In sessions, I meet you where you are at.

Message me if your having a hard time on any of the below or related topics. I've been digesting this all, in advance, before it hits main stream media so that I could show up and be stable enough to support.

Now, its hitting main stream media.

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The Fountain of Youth -- Focal Point

“I have found the fountain of youth and vitality - I know what it is and how to be it, and it does NOT come from vampirically drinking the blood of others, whether that be literal or figurative. It comes from the direct opposite of this consumption, from divine and devout WHOLENESS.

Please do NOT ever believe the lie that harvesting or consuming human life force through black/malevolent magic would EVER EVER make anyone more powerful or beautiful, all it does is make people ugly (inside as radiates out), hollow and unhallowed.

Because when you enter a malevolent magic contract, YOU are OWNED by malevolence. By an unholy darkness that will haunt and hunt you all your days and devour the soul.

It’s the VERY opposite of freedom and vitality. Please don’t contract yourself to the lie.”

-- Sara Sophia Eisenman

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The soul is in the blood.

Perverted and pervasive minds who want to hack into others blood and wisdom have been taken over by the brainwashing and entities here on planet earth. They are weak willed, not to mention severely lacking intelligence.

There are much more efficient and profound ways to gain wisdom, where the body or innocence is not harmed, the soul is safe to rest fully in the body, and both beings are able to leave the interaction even more strongly connected into source and in their sovereignty. I council and practice with my clients around this.

The true fountain of youth can be found when having the courage and intelligence to fully connect into and sync up with ones own unique connection to source and let go of all attachments to others “above" or “below" you. When choosing to hack the system and pull energy from others parasitically and vampically, co-dependence then kicks in and over time a fully severed disconnection from source. There is nothing impressive around this way of living. Once there many physical ailments can kick in and the body is being run by energies that are not in alignment with truth, love or God. Essentially, living in hell.

Movies That Unknowingly Prepared Me To Digest this Information:

Maze Runner 3:
(Lab scene after this scene is key. Reveals why he was purposefully put into a scary dream and the laboratories purpose.)

Fear and Loathing:
(Adrenochrome scene)

The 100:
(Using the natives blood for survival and AI references)
Netflix TV series

Inception: Movie with Leonardo Decaprio

List Of Various Movies & Shows:

Key terms and points:

* What is Adrenochrome?

* What are symptoms of being on it? Addicted to it?

*What “authority figures” have been ingesting adrenochrome?

* What does hyperarousal look like?

* What is spirit cooking?

* Why are there children's non profit organizations making billions of dollars?

* What is MK Ultra?

* What does perversion of power look and feel like?

*What other industries are connected into the adrenocrome class?

The 100 TV Series Breakdown

The harvesting reminds me of "The 100". They use natives' blood to combat the effects of radiation. It can be seen as "helping others to survive" yet it quickly goes from consensual to non-consensual throughout the various groups.

Applying that TV series to *real life* and change that to using the blood of youth to combat age (gravity... not radiation. There is a difference).

The natives or "grounders", human bodies, are literally hung upside down and drained like cattle. They are kept in cages and then their carcasses are tossed and fed to an altered subspecies they altered through repetitive uses of trauma and pleasure (drugs)... like MK Ultra.

Hogs are known to eat anything. They take the bodies to be fed at a hog farm... the hogs are used for meat at certain places in this repulsive cycle.

Human DNA has been found in hot dogs. This is a way to bring unknowing humans into the cannibalistic cycle.

The Bible

Taking symbolism just a little too far.

"At that last meal, Jesus Christ told His disciples to eat bread and drink wine as symbols of His body and blood.

“…When He had given thanks, He broke [the bread] and said, ‘Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me.’ In the same manner He also took the cup [of wine] after supper, saying, ‘This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me’ ” (1 Corinthians 11:24-25)."


Take back your power and create your own world.

  • I am not responsible for the survival of your species. I do not consent to blood, DNA, tissue, bodily life force energy, soul energy, financial energy or my consciousness to be harvested, siphoned, hacked or extracted for now and forever more amen amen amen
  • I do not consent to any teacher, educator, friend, ally, foe, expert, extra terrestrial, entity or authority figure to test me or educate me with the hidden agenda running consciously or unconsciously to steal, hack, hijack, tear down, take, clone or siphon my light, my codes, my templates, my soul signature, my energetic signature, or my business systems for their own personal gain or project that may or may not be aligned with pure source living light.
  • I am in agreence with consensual clear mutual exchanges including uplifting tests, information and questions designed to enhance both of our own unique connections to source, our living quarters and/or our fields of soul work with mutual love, respect and acceptance of each other and for each others sovereign soul identity, stability and purpose offerings.

For now and forever more amen amen amen

By the power of three a holy trinity it is done it is known it is said shalom eloheim namaste

Normalizing Abuse

“They’ve been slowly priming people for this. All the vampire movies, and normalizing it, all the music videos, Lady Gaga, horror shows, and all that Marina Abromovich cannibal dinner parties and calling it "art".

Hollywood is straight up vampire demons. There is a law of magic that says that you have to tell people what you are doing, so they literally spell it out, they dont hide it. Thats why they use pop culture to make it seem artsy and "normal". The good news is, there is plenty of evidence to go around. Once knowing there is choice as to who one watches on a television screen.” -- Anonymous. Paraphrased from comments section in Facebook

Music videos symbolizing the occult and revealing what they care about or were brainwashed into promoting to normalize and control the masses with-- pedophilia, adrenochrome, pedovore, cannibalism, monarch programming, sex kitten programming and/or mk ultra mind control programming.

Pop Culture Music Videos

Bon Apetite - Katy Perry

Taylor Swift- Delicate

Taylor Swift- Delicate - breakdown

Britney Spears - Slumber Party

Slumber Party Break Down:

Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone

Lady Gaga & Beyonce - Telephone - breakdown


My will is as strong as yours

My kingdom is great

You have no power over me

Scene #1

Scene #2

Scene #3



Adrenaline — chromosome


Definition of chromosome: any of the rod-shaped or threadlike DNA-containing structures of cellular organisms that are located in the nucleus of eukaryotes, are usually ring-shaped in prokaryotes (such as bacteria), and contain all or most of the genes of the organism; also : the genetic material of a virus — compare chromatin

Synonyms for chromosome:

 genetic code
 nucleic acid


Before extracting blood from the victim, there are suppliers of adrenochrome who purposefully torture and scare the victim to increase adrenaline which spikes the blood, causing a greater rush of energy for the ingester.

The trafficking industry has more going on than forced sex and labor.


Normalizing Harvesting Blood From Others Is Happening

(Notice how in these articles to hype it up, they are purposefully not acknowledging the torture that has been existing here for eons from ingesting anothers blood, nor describing soul binding contracts)

* Normalizing Blood Harvesting Resources:



Why Older People Are Using the Blood of Teenagers to Live Longer

Ambrosia: the startup harvesting the blood of the young

Young blood could be the secret to long-lasting health: study

* Balanced Perspective Articles:

CBS Now Openly Reporting on the Elite Lining Up to Ingest the Blood of Children:

* Adrenocrome Resources:

Young blood could be the secret to long-lasting health:

Adrenochrome linked to pedophile rings, connecting the dots:

Adrenochrome site:

Adrenochrome Ritual:

Adrenochrome Lab:

Adrenochrome Harvesting Info -- Negative Alien Agenda :

* Soul Harvesting & Spiritual Plane Abuse Resources:

Spirit Cooking

Bio-Spiritual Harvesting:

Inverted Systems:

* Mass Graves Resources:

Tuam Mother and Baby Home: Everything you need to know about the discovery of human remains

Fight for forensic excavation on 796 Tuam Babies mass grave

Order of nuns that dumped up to 800 babies into a septic tank must be disbanded, says TD

Bodies of hundreds of children 'buried in mass grave in Lanarkshire'

400 children from Scottish orphanage of 'horrors' believed buried in mass grave, media report says

World’s biggest-ever mass grave of child sacrifices unearthed

Catholic Mass Grave Sites of 350,800 Missing Children Found in Ireland, Spain, Canada

* Additional Connected & Profitable Industries

In the Market for Fetal Body Parts, a Baby’s Brain Sells for $3,340

Planned Parenthood Selling Fetus’s and Baby Body Parts


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