What If There Were No Official Narratives?
Caitlin Johnstone

Hear, Hear. Surely nothing can be worse than Rupert Murdoch telling Australia what to think and do. Just imagine if the disgusting old bastard suddenly said, “We will stop promoting and exploiting division immediately. First thing is that the concentration camps on Manus must be closed, and onshire processing immediately instituted”. But the arsehole won’t, and we are worse off for it. We are deluged with propaganda in the media, and there is no let up. One result is that this government gets away with being disgracefully inept. The He Said, She Said style of reportage is useless-only inquisitorial and investigative journalism is of any value. Meanwhile, stagger on, bereft of leadership (Hi, I am Malcolm Turnbull, and I feel your pain over the drought as a farmer myself-although you have not got 200 million to tide you over-crying into the TV is great for my profile, so give me a hug as well.