All was successful!

As a very belated update to our previous posts of 2016, I wanted to mention how our journey ended for those who are curious and may be embarking on a journey of their own. We made the move to the Netherlands in late March 2016 and, after applying under the DAFT program, received our official residence cards after five weeks. That’s quite the quick turnaround!

After making the move and adjusting to life here in Amsterdam, there was just no time to update this blog. Then after it fell off of our radar, we unfortunately didn’t get around to putting up any posts.

One slight update now on the DAFT program: “Partner DAFT” visas are allowed now, which means that one spouse applies under DAFT and makes the required investments and so forth, while the other spouse can simply “tag along” on the first partner’s visa, which will allow him/her to conduct business in the Netherlands. This is a relatively new development and takes a huge burden off of everyone’s finances.

As for us, these days you can spot us cycling along the canals on the rare sunny day or having a nice beer on a terrace somewhere around town. We wish you good luck in your journey!

Originally published at Expat Journeys.