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Expat Life Magazine was founded in 2011, in the UAE. This, now popular, reference magazine for any one moving to or living in Dubai, has become an integral read for many new expats. Easing them gently into the wonderful life that the UAE can provide. This one stop e-magazine is a generous introduction, full of helpful hints and tips for your new life in the UAE. With over 7 million expatriates in the UAE alone, our magazines have been created to help people avoid potential mistakes and to assist them in making the most of their money. This guide is essential for all expats and is guaranteed to help save you time and money when searching for the best opportunities around. This handy platform provides links directly to the experts so they can be contacted, then discuss your individual needs and advise accordingly.

Information on subjects ranging from finding a home, to providing a host of contacts covering all aspects of possible financial help, plus our exclusive offers and discounts to save you money are all you need to kick start the new experiences you will want to become a part of.

When searching for an experienced lawyer, you need to know you are in safe hands. Someone who understands your needs and can help you through an employment or rental issue, which you may be concerned about. We also feature a British law firm who can Skype call you to provide a more personal service when addressing more sensitive topics when overseas.

Maybe setting up a new business in Dubai is something you have thought about. Expatlife can introduce you to the best available help so you can follow your dreams and aspiration for a successful future. Coping with the legalities of what is required for a working visas, company licenses and local laws is an area for an expert to be involved, this in turn will give you the best possible support for positive results.

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An essential guide for moving to and then living in the United Arab Emirates

Welcome to Expat Life, our aim is to supply you with an amazing directory of valuable information to make living in the UAE happy and fulfilling. Our articles are written for you by the sector experts and provides you with valuable information, with the ability to contact them directly. Just click on the contact details and send them an email for the advice you are interested in.

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We are pleased to be able to share with you a healthy insight into some of the most popular property companies in Dubai. Offering tailor made solutions for both private individuals and the corporate market. Property investment may be a consideration. If you talk to the experts they can help with your decision process.


Expatlife editorials will provide you with a range of schools and their vision for providing education for your children here in Dubai. With a plentiful supply of education facilities the choice can be a minefield, so make life easier for yourself and tap into our already sourced information.


Dubai has a great many opportunities for new and challenging careers. Work with a recruitment partner who can assess your vision and then introduce you to the market sector for a fulfilling career future here in Dubai.

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Giving you an exclusive 10% off your home, car and travel insurance when you book through EXPATMONEY. Unfortunately expats tend to ignore the importance of insuring their home and contents and with the latest fire reports, it’s a decision that should not be ignored.


Financial planning for you and your family’s future is essential these days. It’s never too soon to start.


If you are interested in becoming a boat owner here in UAE then contact our advertised yacht broker for all the information you will ever need to make this dream come true. Perhaps a private Jet charter that will take you up, up and away is of interest, look no further for a sky high treat.

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