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When faced with the issue of renting a property, making decisions can be a frustrating and worrying time. It can involve technical details and other particulars that shouldn’t be overlooked. Getting the right advice when dealing with such matters is incredibly important. It is easy to be misguided and bypass what you need to know. The property market can prove to be a mine field, with all its complications, and you have to be fully versed with all the up-to-date information.

Dubai is rapidly growing as the hub for investment and offers people highly attractive opportunities to build and rent property. This booming business is constantly attracting large numbers of expats in to the Gulf. There’s a very good chance of you being one of them if you’re reading this.

Thomas Homes

Demands for renting an apartment in Dubai have drastically risen and deserves special focus. So if you haven’t heard of Thomas Homes till now then it’s time you got up to speed.

We are your all-out solution to tackling the complications of renting an apartment in Dubai. Our group has a property management division which specializes in helping you gain smooth access to some of the most suitable rental properties in Dubai.

Integrity is the last thing we compromise on and it is the core of our ethos to guide our clients to the most feasible options on the market. No matter which Emirate of the UAE you want to rent a property in or the type of property you prefer to rent, you can count on us securing your needs through our services.

Our job doesn’t end with you having rented an apartment in Dubai. Our support goes beyond that, we can help with property maintenance management, managing tenant-complaints, arrears and annual inspection reports.

You are also most welcome to contact us if you run an enterprise and want rental space for staff in Dubai or in another part of the UAE. We can find suitable spaces for individual executives or a complete team. With our accommodation portfolio of rental spaces ranging from single units to whole tower blocks, your demand can be catered for.

We have special arrangements for relocating multinational companies, families and individuals from anywhere in the world to one of the many popular areas in Dubai. We analyze what you need, we search for your home and can even help you adapt to life in the Gulf. Assisting in all aspects of relocating you or your business is our prime obligation.

Expatriates can enjoy our exclusive benefits in the form of our Complete Assistance Package. This helps find the rental property according to your needs. It also provides expatriates with an overview of the best kindergartens and schools within the UAE. Furthermore, it helps with sourcing a trustworthy medical facility and all the advice you may require to assist you when opening a bank account in the Gulf.

Our service is there to help you adjust and successfully settle and feel at home in Dubai.

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