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Women in Business

Life is full of challenges that should be tackled head on. The fabric of society is interwoven with these tests. These challenges can be greatest when you plan to push ahead with new and unfamiliar ground. Individuals create the society that we live in and they need a voice to shape their specific goals. A woman plays an important part in society and offers a huge amount of potential. Recognizing that women add immense and diverse skills to the fabric of society is incredibly important. Our Arab society has, for centuries, had a penchant for trade and commerce. Now Arab women successfully play their part within it?

How DBWC helps women in Business

Providing a serviceable platform for UAE business women and entrepreneurs is at the heart of our efforts at DBWC. We are working to turn it into a breeding ground for the most successful women in the Arab business world. Women’s success in business is possible by fostering their skills to operate like professionals. It needs a realistic approach to connect them with their purpose.

Thriving well as a successful businesswoman

Dubai is a bustling center of economy with surging levels of trade each year. Businesswomen in Dubai deserve as much exposure to information and interaction among themselves. The changing business dynamics necessitate the identification of key issues in business for ladies. That is why DBWC organizes workshops that focus on opportunities for women’s success in business. Our members include both successful and accomplished business women as well as women who are newly entering into the business world. The workshops offered by DBWC, provide a space to learn by exchanging information vital to overcoming various barriers ladies may come across in the business world.

Creating success for Businesswomen in Dubai

We also pay close attention to the interaction of local talent with other successful business women from other countries. This helps businesswomen in Dubai gain value-added perspectives on the challenges of gender in business. An important part that our council plays is trying to turn fixed views on the role of Arab women. Dialogue is crucial when it comes to causing a shift in cultural understanding. For this the council encourages leadership and promotes responsible action.

We encourage Arab women with business ambitions from all over the UAE and especially those in Dubai to join our council. Women who are budding entrepreneurs or small business-owners can increase their chances of being productive and functional through our networking platform.

Boosting Growth for Women Businesses

Our sessions are meant to increase initiatives, with a clear eye on gathering local talent. Creating real opportunities for women’s business success in Dubai and the Gulf is the commitment we strongly adhere to. Our members get a chance to receive real inspiration through the experiences that strong female businesswomen share at our workshops. Part of our plan is collaborating with strategic think-tank partners to positively influence the wellbeing of women entrepreneurs. The most successful women in commerce are those who have the least confusion about their professional ambitions. The DBWC is open to the newest ideas while keeping the cultural context of Arab women in sight. At the same time, we believe in pushing boundaries with a sense of integrity.

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