Surveying my next laptop options
Boris Mann

I couldn’t agree more. I went through this *exact* train of thought since Apple’s event, down to the same alternate machines. You’re right: if you want to do iOS, you need a Mac (though they the license allows you to virtualize). I need to upgrade, and am not happy that this was the year. If there was better hardware support for Linux (aside from the Dell XPS), I’d be running Fedora right now. (Or Arch as my main system… hey, I can dream!)

The frustrating thing is that having a Mac is almost a foregone conclusion at most companies. You need a Unix system, you need something stable, and you need something that your colleagues can replicate the behaviour of. That being said, the Windows Subsystem for Linux is pretty impressive, and makes most of the above points moot.

We’re living in a bizarro world where Microsoft is producing beautiful hardware and working hard on compatability, and Apple is barely tweaking it’s tried and true strategy.

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