What is Ibogaine Treatment?

I get this question alot. What exactly is Ibogaine treatment and how does Ibogaine treatment work?

Often, this question comes off the heels of the current drug and opiate epidemic in our country and the fact that many individuals have gone through countless traditional drug rehab facilities with little to no long-term success.

It’s unfortunate. We don’t seem like we really care about people on an individual basis anymore, even to the point where some states and police forces are claiming they will not treat an addict more than a certain number of times.

This means that, if you overdose on heroin let’s say, and it’s maybe your second, third, forth, whatever time, they might just let you die. Some police are even going so far as to say they will not carry it at all. And that sounds crazy but the story is right here.

This is why so many are turning to alternative methods like Ibogaine treatment for their addictions.

What exactly is Ibogaine and how does Ibogaine treatment work?

Ibogaine is an alkaloid that is extracted and derived from the iboga root bark of the tabernanthe iboga plant. This is a plant native to africa (central west).

For centuries this plant has been used by the Bwiti religion in their spiritual development.

But, during the hippy movement, it was discovered that Ibogaine eliminated heroin and opiate withdrawal in 12–24 hours. This was an amazing discovery. No other drug treatment can do this.

This is because Ibogaine actually targets the physical portion of the addiction and eliminates all the negative physical aspects that drug addiction has caused.

So the brain is healed by Ibogaine in a way that makes it work properly again. Withdrawal is caused by the brain’s natural chemicals not being accepted by synapses in the brain.

Ibogaine helps these synapses recuperate and recover so they can work properly again.

And the addict returns to their previous state — their pre-addicted state.

This saved my life, it has saved many other lives, and it will continue to save lives.

What Ibogaine Treatment Center is Right for Me?

Finding the right treatment isn’t the end of the line. If you are interested in Ibogaine treatment there are a few things you should know.

#1-Medical Staff

Finding the right Ibogaine treatment center is a must. However, many Ibogaine clinics do not have medical staff. This is a huge red flag. You must have medical attention. It’s a necessity.


Some of these clinics are unfortunately just a huge price gouge. They charge insane prices for diets, spiritual healings, and a lot of other non-scientific, high cost stuff.

The reality is this is just a huge cost. There is little benefit in the short term for many of these costs and most Ibogaine clinics are 5–7 day treatments. The Ibogaine treatment — safety, medical, and private — should be your focus. Do not pay too much for Ibogaine treatment. It will not be worth the money.


Most solid Ibogaine clinics are in Mexico. This is because Mexico Doctors and clinics have the most experience treating addicts with Ibogaine. Clinics in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and other places are basically brand new. Some may even claim to have American doctors. The problem is, this is a huge cost and these doctors have little to no experience treating with Ibogaine.

Find doctors that have done more than 1,000 Ibogaine treatment. This is the best way to stay safe.

Long Term Success is Possible

Finding long-term success in drug therapy is possible. However, you may have to look around. Take the time to educate yourself on the options available to you.