U.S. Army Spc. Harley Young greets an Afghan boy while on patrol in Muqor in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, June 27, 2012. Photo Credit: Michael J. MacLeod, Wikimedia Commons

We should go back, and this time, do it right.

A nation of kindling finds a match

Protesters holding a sign with George Floyd’s dying plea. Credit: CNN

The Murder of George Floyd

Currently, the riots in the United States are being called the ‘George Floyd Protests’, but I wonder if that name will persist. Obviously, the straight-up murder of a citizen, on film, by the very people who are supposed to protect them from the same, is evil, despicable and traumatic. However, it is quickly becoming clear that these protests are about much more than this single event.

PPE-related films for the viral apocalypse.

Ratcheting up of public health measures will likely become commonplace in the coming days. [Photo Credit: Stringer/Anadolu Agency]

An epidemic for our own time

I find epidemics interesting.

Presidential hopeful Joe Biden with his son, Hunter, in 2010. [Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst]

Photo Credit: Patrick Semansky/AP

The odd couple. [Credit: Wikipedia Commons]

Student politics, and why is it so messed up?

Definitely affiliated with a major party. Haha, just kidding… unless?

Before you ask, it’s not hardhats…

Ed Milliband, demonstrating the intersection of PPE and PPE.
  1. “PPE.” Most people won’t know what you’re talking about, some will assume you’re talking about Personal Protective Equipment, and a small minority will think you have Tourette’s Syndrome (especially if you say ‘PPE’…

James Penfold

James is the founder and former editor-in-chief of Statecraft Magazine.

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