Day 12 — Stepping and Betting

The odd purple lights in my glasses come from filters in them placed there by the optometrist. I try to remember they are there and shoot myself so they don’t show too much, but can’t completely eliminate them.

I have decided to try a Step Bet. If you don’t know what that is — it’s exactly like it sounds. I place a bet on my being able to reach step goals. Obviously, I don’t make the goals, I lose the money.

The twist? I don’t set the goals. They are set by the organization and supposedly are done by analyzing my step activity on my fitbit.

Okay. I have to say I was a bit shocked by the number, because I have to meet it for four days every week and meet two days of stretch goals which are nearly 50% higher than the regular goal. Oh, yeah, and there’s one day with no step goal. Thank goodness for small favors.

I’m told that it’s a bit tough, but do-able. For all of those who make the goal for five weeks, there’s a nice payoff on the end — you get what you put in plus any amount over and above from the all the folks who drop out. Yes, it’s an interesting concept, a zero-sum game. Step Bet is brought to you by folks who brought you Diet Bet — same idea but based on percentages of weight loss. I’m not confident I can meet those goals as any weight loss has been slower. But steps I can do and I want to do.

This week is merely a “warm up week” and with being sick and starting a few days late, I’m just looking at my schedule for times I can walk between writing and other things. Yet, even though I feel behind the eight ball, I still ended up walking more today than I had in many prior days, so I’m trying for a positive outlook.

Hair cut and coloring today. The highlights are silvery blonde to take in the grays that are coming in naturally.