How To Find a Good Burnaby Auto Mechanic

Purchasing a vehicle is just one part of the journey; keeping the car in a roadworthy condition is the only way you can guarantee that your vehicle will serve you efficiently when you need it. Car owners and enthusiasts recognize and can attest to the importance of regular diagnosis and maintenance.

Who is Karl Benz?

Born in 1844 as Karl Friedrich Michael, Benz was a renowned German automotive engineer and engine designer who is famously known for his Benz Patent Motorcar (1885). If it were not Karl Benz, automotive technology would probably not be where it is today.

How often should I get a tune-up or oil change?

In order to keep your car running smoothly, regular oil changes are very crucial. This begs the question; how do you tell when it’s time to take your vehicle in for a tune-up?


Has it been a while before you replaced your battery? If the battery is getting weaker and not functioning like it’s supposed to, it’s probably time to take your car in for a tune-up.

Spark plugs

The spark plugs are some of the most critical components of the combustion engine. Spark plugs play a crucial role in that they initiate the combustion process. If you have faulty spark plugs, you will have problems with starting your engine, lack of power, and reduced fuel economy.

Air filter

The air filter keeps dust and sand particles from entering the engine, which causes damage to the cylinder walls. When the filter is clogged, it strains the engine and produces an irritating sound. The air filter usually needs replacement after every 15,000–30,000 miles or even sooner, especially if you frequently drive on dusty roads.

What is the most common Burnaby car repair?

According to research conducted by IMR Inc., an industry leader in automotive research, the most common car repairs performed by Burnaby repair shops and vehicle owners are:
• Air filter replacement
• Oil filter replacement
• Tire replacement
• Engine tune-ups
• Wheel aligning and balancing
• Adding a coolant
• Brake system maintenance
• Wiper blade replacement
• Battery replacement

What is the average cost of car repairs?

According to comprehensive research carried out by AAA, the average auto repair bill comes in at between $500 and $600. The routine maintenance and repairs could set you back an average of $1,100 per year.

How often should I have maintenance on my car or truck?

For proper maintenance of your vehicle, you should create a maintenance schedule you should regularly follow to avoid major issues from escalating. With a maintenance schedule, you also get to keep a detailed record of your maintenance history, which helps increase the vehicle’s resale value.

Oil filter

The oil filter is one of the parts that need regular replacements to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Every time the engine runs, small pieces of dirt, metal, and carbon end up in the oil, causing wear.

How often should the brakes be serviced?

Cars are made up of several intricate systems that are all necessary for the vehicle to run correctly and efficiently. The braking system is one of the most critical systems. Imagine driving at 100 miles on the freeway, and suddenly the brakes fail! This would be an ideal recipe for disaster.

When to replace brake pads and do I need new rotors?

There are common signs that tell you when it’s time to replace your brake pads. These include:
1. A squealing noise when the brakes are applied.
2. The indicator light is on.
3. A grinding metal sound.
4. A vibrating brake pedal.
5. The Brake pad appears to be less than a ¼-inch thick.

What are the ten most common vehicle repairs?

• Air filter replacement
• Oil filter replacement
• Tire replacement
• Engine tune-ups
• Wheel aligning and balancing
• Adding coolant
• Brake system maintenance
• Wiper blade replacement
• Battery replacement
• Scheduled maintenance

What are the most expensive auto repairs?

Cars experience all sorts of problems from time to time. Some are easy to repair, and you can even do them yourself. However, other major problems require an experienced technician or mechanic to repair properly.

What questions should I ask a car repair shop?

Does your car need a tune-up or a major repair? This means you have to engage a trusted auto mechanic.
• Do you have any experience with my make and model of the vehicle?
• What automotive associations the auto garage shop belong to?
• Are there any other customers with whom I can speak for reference?
• Do you provide estimates?
• How much will the estimates cost me?
• Kindly explain to me the details of the necessary repair?
• Can I choose the parts that will be used for the repair?
• Will there be any unexpected expenses during repair?
• Are the parts and services used under warranty?
• Will there be a detailed invoice once all the repair work is complete?

What does it mean when the engine light comes on?

The check engine light is programmed to automatically turn on, whenever the vehicles computer system detects a problem with a certain system. There are many different reasons why the check engine light might come on, some are pretty basic and can even be fixed at home, others, however, will need an experienced set of hands and a larger budget to deal with.

The AC stopped working; is it important?

The AC comes in handy, especially on those hot afternoons and chilly mornings. When your vehicles AC is not working, you may want to know what could be causing it. So we have compiled a list of a few of the most common AC problems most people encounter.

What is the difference between a Burnaby mechanic and a technician?

If you have ever been to an automobile garage, you have probably heard about technicians and mechanics. Many think that these terms are the same thing. However, a technician and mechanic do two different things.