Shore to Shore Media, LLC was created to provide a platform to tell the unique stories of children of the African Diaspora. It is meant to unite, inspire global citizens. Afropolitan combines the words African+ cosmopolitan to describe a contemporary generation of Africans. The meet the Afropolitan video is an interview of four Afropolitan socialites. The concept of The Afropolitans Project is to follow the lives of first generation African immigrants as they chase their dreams and strive to make a global impact. The cast are Jennifer (Nigerian) owner of the Beau Monde Society fashion agency, Ashley Akunna (Nigerian) creator of the grapevine TV, Eleni (Ethiopian) an aspiring singer, and Ade (Nigerian)a real estate broker and party promoter.

Eleni Woldeselassie is an Ethiopian American that came to the united states as a refugee, her background makes it a bit more difficult for her to fit into her main focus which is being a music artiste. Despite getting no support from her family — who try to push her away from her career due to their cultural beliefs, she still forges ahead. Eleni believes her style of music sounds like destinies child, Whitney Houston and a bit of Tony Braxton — a mixture of different people. Ade Adineran is a self-motivated person, a real estate broker and party promoter with a lot of positive energy. He Grew up in a family of light hearted party people — which influenced his career choice. He is a lifestyle coordinator and loves bringing people together to create a social environment.

Ashley Akunna is a content creator who has a profound love for creative writing. Her love for movies led her to unravel a passion for storytelling. She believes there is an African in every corner of the world — striving to make things better than it was for their parents. One of her greatest accomplishments is the grapevine; a talk show dedicated to the millennial voice. Jennifer Nnamani is the founder of the Beau Monde Society fashion agency. Her love relationship with fashion started at a very young age with her father owning a fashion boutique. She tells us the story of how her Father left a tiny village in Nigeria with no shoes to tour the world and travel to countries all around the globe.

The opening scene video; Meet the Afropolitans is just the start of this smartly written and directed interview which draws a broad picture of an untold story than the story-line itself. The Pilot episode; jungles, grapevines and the writing on the wall, makes for an agile entertainment whose social and cultural observations are woven so tightly into the fabric of our everyday living. Ade's voice makes us feel constantly comfortable and it is really amazing the way he tackles the nuances of daily-life. I think the media needs to take more chances on videos like this. Videos that try to be different and push boundaries. The Afropolitan video is bold and daring and most importantly, unique. It is a tricky and successful mix of social satire, modern lifestyle of an African American, and savvy commentary on race as experienced by a person of color in a largely white society.