SEO Panda Algorithm- Bane or a Boon

Launched in February 2011 by Navneet Panda, Google Panda’s main role is to boost the level of genuine websites and lower the quality of plagiarized ones. Google Panda has received positive, as well as negative feedback. Since its launch, several updates have been made. With 4.0 being the most recent update, the changes have only been applied to the US users. The SEO Panda Algorithm has created much havoc and controversy in the internet industry. The important question is what will happen if it’s released worldwide?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for any commercial website/blog. If the SEO is high then the visibility of the website/blog will be high and vice-versa. Most people are anxious as well as excited about the update because it will definitely affect the company’s SEO algorithm.

Aims of the Panda Update:

The SEO Panda Algorithm’s main purpose is to eliminate incoherent websites and spam from the virtual world. Google is trying its level best to protect users from unwanted sites, but some genuine sites like Mahalo, Ezine articles, Wisegeek etc. have been lately witnessing some affects for they host a lot of advertisements.

The publishers should be aware that readers want useful and relevant content only. Most of the content in the web is plagiarized and useless. The publishers do not care about providing good content; rather they just want profit. This is the main reason why Google made this recent update. After this update, the publishers shall become more careful about what they post online. They shall no longer publish content for their own benefit. The keywords would be specifically highlighted. In order to increase the SEO (Panda Algorithm), one is advised to write content on local matters, which are usually ranked higher. And of course, they should be impressive and genuine.

Google Panda’s effect on the SEO Algorithm:

Just like a library, Google too deals with the content in a similar way. If the website has more genuine content then it obviously boosts its ranking up. If the content has no relation with the keywords then its ranking descends down. With the launch of the updated Panda 4.0, specialized websites are given more preference than others. The SEO Panda Algorithm will definitely affect the building links between the publisher and the reader.

What to do when SEO Panda Algorithm affects the website:

· If one’s website has been affected by Panda 4.0, then one should always focus on the keywords.

· The theme of the website should always be highlighted. This will make it easier for Google to rank a website.

· Google has created a thread where one can lodge his/her complaint and send feedback. This makes it easier for Google to look into the matter and do the needful if possible.

· In order to build links, publishers have no other option than to create an authentic page with good writing i.e. interesting and at the same time genuine content shall only be uploaded. The content should create interest in the minds of the readers. The content would be get hits instantly and get viral at the same time.

If one is able to generate curiosity among the readers, and at the same time add authenticity to the content, Google will never be able to penalize that website.

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