Yeni iş dünyasına, “İş 3.0”'a hazır mısınız?

Son 5 yıldır “on-demand” devriminin hayatımızın birçok alanını etkilediğini görüyoruz (ulaşım, yeme/içme, seyahat, alışveriş, vs). Bu yeni seçeneklerin sağladığı hız, esneklik, ve tatminlik duygusu o kadar değerli bir hale geldi ki, artık günlük hayatımızı bu şekilde sürdürmeyi tercih ediyoruz.

On-demand devriminin bir sonraki dalgası çalışma hayatımızı etkileyecek. Bu değişim, ofislerimizin fiziksel yapısını etkiledi bile: kapalı, bölümlere ayrılmış ofisler ve katı çalışma saatleri yerine açık çalışma alanları, ortak çalışma merkezleri ve esnek, on-demand ofisler ve çalışma saatleri tercih ediliyor. Aynı zamanda teknolojik gelişmelerin sayesinde, nerede olursak olalım kolayca çalışabiliyoruz. Çalışma hayatımızdaki bu değişimin bir sonraki etkisi, “Future of Work” veya “Work…

Written by Expertera Partner, Alp Sezginsoy

Imagine you’re in an unfamiliar city on a business trip. You need to get to downtown, but you don’t have a rental car; you don’t know anyone in the area who can give you a lift, and none of the taxis seem to be stopping for you.

Several years ago, this might have been a dilemma, but thanks to the growing popularity of the “on-demand” economy, there are new options at your fingertips. By touching an application on your phone, an Uber or Lyft driver can be there when you need them. If you…

Written by Expertera partner, Hayal Koc

In just the last five years, we’ve seen the on-demand revolution impact so many aspects of our lives — from how we commute, to how we eat, travel and shop. The speed, flexibility and satisfaction that these options provide have become so valuable that they are quickly becoming the preferred way of operating.

The next major wave of the on-demand revolution will impact how we work. It’s already impacted the physical elements of the office: cubicles and strict work schedules are out, while open workspaces, co-working arrangements and on-demand office spaces are in. At…

Written by Expertera Partner, Hayal Koc

A little over a year ago, after spending nearly a decade happily working at large, multinational companies and convincing myself I wasn’t the entrepreneurial type, I trusted my gut and found myself deep into start-up life. And surprisingly…loving it!

It’s been (and continues to be) exhilarating and rewarding to be a part of a team that is providing both an innovative solution and priceless peace of mind to the same global companies where I was once employed. What’s more, our services not only meet an unfulfilled need, but they also contribute to global economic…


Expertera is a curated on-demand talent platform, connecting companies with flexible, on-demand top-talent and expertise solutions.

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