Beginner Woodworking Projects That You Should Try

Are you a newbie woodworker looking for some easy and small beginner woodworking projects to try? You’re going to love this round up with so much inspiration!

If you’re just starting out and learning how to do woodworking projects at home, you’re probably looking for some simple woodworking projects to try out that don’t require a ton of woodworking tools or different types of saws !

Like any other new hobby, it can feel a little overwhelming and scary at first. Especially when you go to the store to buy the wood, so be sure to check out our tips for buying lumber.

You may also be confused about things like nominal vs actual lumber dimensions (we break it down in this article) or what the difference is between a brad nailer and finish nailer (learn the simple way to tell the difference in that article). Most of these beginner woodworking projects even use very standard and easy to find types of wood.

Today’s post is full of SO many ideas for your first wood project as a beginner. Many of these use a limited amount of tools and are smaller project. If you want even more help with what to build with wood for beginners, you may want to try some projects that have free plans that go along with them so you have something detailed to follow.




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