Due to the recent fluctuations in the value of Ethereum, we have decided to set a USD hard cap of $9M to compliment our original 33k ETH hard cap. If either the USD cap of $9m or the ETH cap of 33k are met, the sale will conclude and Experty will burn all remaining unsold tokens. Even better, we will burn all tokens proportionally, including team, founders, advisors, etc.

Please also read this announcement about Proof-of-Caring:

We have been listening to our community’s suggestions on how we can make Proof of Caring better, and we have come up with some exciting improvements. Some of the Proof of Caring contributors have gone so far above and beyond that we created a special tier, the Partner Tier, to reward them for their efforts.This tier is above Tier 1, and yields a bonus of 60%.

In addition, Tier 3 will now be able to participate in the pre-ICO with a bonus of 10%, and will be given to anyone who submits their Proof of Caring. This means that more people will be able to participate in the Experty pre-ICO.

Here is the breakdown for our new Proof of Caring system:

Partner Tier — 60% bonus + 5000 EXY (regardless of the contribution amount) + first access to testnet Experty app

Tier 1–40% + 1000 EXY (regardless of the contribution amount)

Tier 2–20%

Tier 3–10%

Tier 4 — Whitelisting for the ICO

With all of these changes, we want to give participants more time to participate in Proof of Caring. That’s why we are extending Proof of Caring until January 15th, 2018.

Here are some examples of outstanding Proof of Caring:

Example from Thailand

We have major PoC support from Thailand due to a supporter sharing Experty with one of the largest crypto communities there. In addition, this person wrote an article about Experty on a very popular Thailand crypto forum. Because of this supporter, we have many more people from Thailand sharing the word and talking about Experty.

Example from Spain

One of our supporters from Spain made a major contribution. They prepared a special presentation and shared information about Experty to their community on FB and in their newsletter.

Example from Japan

Experty has rapidly been gaining traction in Japan. Two people contacted us on Telegram and offered PoC by creating a JPY telegram about Experty. They have already invited almost 50 people to this telegram chat. They have an active discussion to support the education about PoC for people in Japan. Experty has received an incredibly positive response there, which can be seen by the many Japanese supporters that have been retweeting us on Twitter. We appreciate the dedication and hard work the two of them have put in to create awareness about Experty in Japan.

Example from Singapore

Shashwat is one of our most active supporters on telegram. He has already helped Experty by introducing us to many other potential partners. He has also demonstrated tremendous support for the project and has given us a lot of direct feedback. He is a great example of how being active in the community can provide a lot of value to the project. He also prepared an advertisement like video about Experty:

— — — — — — — —

These aren’t the only changes we’re rolling out. We have decided to wait until January to begin the ICO, mainly because we want to wait until the product is live before actually running the ICO. This will help us avoid any issues that arise from a legal standpoint, as any ICO (even utility tokens) which happen before a product release are viewed as a security by the SEC in the United States. We want to avoid this problem and focus on delivering, rather than just selling dreams in a whitepaper. Experty also has several exciting partnerships to announce between now and January, which will bring even more attention to the project.

The Experty team will be active on Telegram to answer any questions about these improvements, and to hear further suggestions.