Experty Solves Talent Crisis in Blockchain Community

There has been an explosive growth in the number of ICOs and blockchain startups this year. This kind of growth brings big opportunities along with major issues that need to be tackled. Currently, the demand for blockchain talent outweighs the supply. This is where Experty, a peer to peer consulting platform, really shines. Many of these companies either need to consult with experts, or have skills they can offer to others in the industry. Experty provides a fast, cost-efficient solution for the high demand for talent in the blockchain space.

One example of Experty’s ability to meet demand is its partnership with Quantstamp. Quantstamp is the first security audit protocol to be built on top of Ethereum, a powerful tool designed to discover vulnerabilities in smart contracts, securing them before they are deployed on the blockchain. The experts at Quantstamp plan to use Experty’s application in the future to provide additional services, such as teaching auditing, while cutting out costly third party payment systems. Quantstamp is producing a powerful tool, which is why Experty has chosen them as partners. They will be able to help secure Experty’s smart contracts as well, so that Experty can continue to operate without issue.

Kamil Przeorski, CEO of Experty, stated that “Experty will make it easy for people to offer their expertise in the blockchain space without worrying about location or how they’ll get paid. The Experty app takes care of everything. ”

Along with blockchain startups, there are also many people who share their knowledge about cryptocurrency on YouTube. Often times, the comment sections of these videos are flooded with questions, and it can be difficult for YouTubers to address them all. Experty solves this problem. Omar Bham, owner of the popular crypto YouTube channel Crypt0’s News, expressed his support for Experty, stating:

“It’s very rare that I hear about a project that actually is about the create something that I can use myself… I look forward to trying out [the Experty app]”

Josh Olszewicz, a popular Twitter and YouTube crypto personality said:

“I immediately saw an opportunity for myself to use the Experty app. It’s very hard to scale 1-on-1 knowledge sharing at the moment.”

Experty is able to connect YouTubers directly with their fans, allowing a more meaningful connection with their audience while also increasing revenue.

Experty has major implications in the blockchain space, but that’s just the beginning. Experty is built to be used across the board. Individuals, startups, and large businesses can all benefit from choosing Experty for their consulting needs. The application allows for peer to peer payments between client and company, student and teacher, and even audience and entertainer. Experty is borderless, allowing connections, services, and payments to be made regardless of location. This makes it an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to offer their knowledge and expertise to the world.

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