Drone and 360-Degree Video Tech Showcases Aquaculture in Tanzania

Second Muse, an agency that collaborates with organizations to help solve complex problems, looked to the latest drone and 360 video technologies to help showcase aquaculture — the farming of aquatic life-forms — in Tanzania.

Last year, the Blue Economy Challenge awarded 10 projects for their creative uses of aquaculture. Led by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Innovation X change, in partnership with Second Muse, the goal was to award projects that both help reduce environmental impact and increase sustainability.

Specifically, blue economies are based on the use of the sea and its resources for sustainable economic development — much like a green economy, but with a greater focus on aquatic industry and sustainability.

SecondMuse is both supporting and tracking the progress of these projects. Ben Kreimer, a drone and virtual reality technologist, and Brett Garling, filmmaker and founder of Cut Canvas Creative, shot 360 video underwater, on land, and in the air to document three of these initiatives.

Davar Ardalan, director of storytelling and social engagement at Second Muse, says the agency believes in leveraging immersive technologies for social impact and sustainability storytelling.

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