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Explara 3.0 New Products

For a decade, Explara has been a platform for new-age creators to host events, bring people together, and monetize their passion/ skill/ creations. Millions of these creators across the globe could scale their events & conferences to greater heights and have built businesses around content, events, community, and social impact initiatives.

The future of work is already here, people need something more than a paycheck as a motivation to work, and “gig” economy continues to expand, influencing individuals to pursue their passion. Source: Forbes

Millions of people have niche skills, and with the connected world, they need 1000 true fans to build a million $ business. Niche is no longer the scale issue. Since the last decade, millions of these creative individuals depended on social media to grow their audience and advertisement as a source of revenue. The growing understanding is that this is unsustainable, and they must own, engage, and monetize their audience directly. …

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GDPR is round the corner and every organization is updated with the data protection policy. No company is in a mood to pay fines for not applying this rule to their policies. Compliance laws go into effect on May 25, 2018, and most companies aren’t prepared. According to a survey, 60% of companies likely to miss GDPR compliance deadline. As we belong to SaaS company into the field of Event Management Software Solutions, we have prepared a list of event companies and their GDPR page URLs.

  1. Cvent- They have made a full list of FAQs to assist you with game changing GDPR. Read it below.
    Link: http://www.cvent.com/uk/gdpr/faq.shtml

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Organizing an event, whether at home or on a global scale, can always be chaotic but a meticulously prepared budget can go a long way in easing up the planning process.

In ancient times and even a few years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find an event planner without a bag that stored essentials such as a notebook, visiting cards, stationery, to-do lists, a budget plan and of course cash. …



Explara helps creative entrepreneurs and small businesses to monetize from events, online selling, community, and crowdfunding. Try http://www.explara.com

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