Poem For Nicole (You Are Missed)

In a house of your upbringing you can see the snow.
It will be cold but it will tickle your nose
You can catch it on your tounge
It can be gathered to build a person
To shape it to our own desire.
We all live within our own globe and try not to let others shake it too hard.
When it does, the snow flies everywhere.
It hits the trees and hits the house but eventually it settles down.
It returns to the state of what it was before.
The snow never goes away but we shovel it to make a path.
Where it leads to could be anybody’s guess.
We’re not meant to know that right now.
I believe when we do find out, we are no longer inside of the globe.
It is a place that is warm and the rain tastes of sweet nectar.
It lulls us into complete security.
Others are there and there is a massive group hug.
It extends beyond all boundries of reality whether physical or imagined.
And it will never, ever go away as long as you have two arms to hold them.