Go With the FLO: A NOM.AD Introduction

At NOM.AD, we are passionate about the idea of creating a life worth living — a life with meaning. From our stirring NOMAD Interviews to our wanderlust-inducing Passports travel guide series to our newest series — The Principled — we strive to get that across.

The one question we often get is about what exactly we are making. Well, we’ll let the picture below speak for itself.

The Mobility Ecosystem has been Ryan Clott’s mission for the past five years. With NOM.AD’s 6 Principles as his guide, the goal of improving mobility through considered design is now a reality. Now, in anticipation of some big things coming up, we’ve created Go With The FLO series to tell you all about them. And we mean it: what they do, the materials they’re made of — everything.

So, for the next few weeks, join us on this journey. Like us on Facebook, find us on Twitter and Instagram (@explorenomad), and check out our content at http://www.explorenomad.com. #movewithmeaning

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