Living With Bears in Churchill
Dec 11, 2018 · 12 min read
This sign at the Churchill Airport informs newly arrived persons about how to stay safe in polar bear habitat.
This young female bear was found resting on the edge of Hudson Bay.
A large male polar bear walks on the shore of Hudson Bay while a tundra buggy full of tourists lurks in the background.
Tundra buggies are specially customized vehicles to seek out polar bears on the tundra east of town.
Polar Bear Alert’s holding facility, aka the Polar Bear Jail
In Churchill, trash is secured within a modified shipping and receiving building from the abandoned military base.
An indoor playground offers children a bear-free place to play.
The view of Hudson Bay from the Churchill community center.
On the fringes of town, signs warn people to stop and think twice about going farther.

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