This Week on Explore (10/11)
Oct 11 · 1 min read

And the Fat Bear Week winner is…435 Holly! After some major upsets, Holly reached the finals and beat her opponent 775 Lefty by a landslide. Come watch her celebrate in style on the Brooks Falls cam!

On World Mental Health Day, we partnered with licensed therapist, Kati Morton, to guide us through a progressive relaxation. Check it out here:

On Fat Bear Tuesday, Mike Fitz and Ranger Naomi joined us for a final live chat to discuss the finalists, Brooks Falls’ healthy ecosystem, and what to expect for the bears during the winter. Find out how fat the bears at Brooks Falls really are by reading Mike’s newest blog post. Watch the live chat here:

With heavy hearts, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Hoover. We are so grateful that Big Cat Rescue could offer Hoover peace and comfort for the duration of his life.

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