This Week on Explore (10/18)
Oct 18 · 2 min read

Happy Bear Cam Fan Art Week! This week, we asked the viewers to submit their incredible bear cam inspired painting, illustration, poem, animation, or other creative piece. We were blown away with the submissions! Tune in next week to get a full rundown of all the amazing submissions. Below are just a few winners:

Illustration by Amanda @a21981
Bear diorama by @janiceterrill2019

On Monday, we celebrated Indingenous People’s Day by inviting viewers to watch our film “Grand Canyon” and learn indigenous histories. Our founder Charlie Annenberg travels down the Colorado River to experience the Grand Canyon’s beauty and explore the connections between man and nature.

Having a RUFF week? Come cheer up with the puppy cams at Warrior Canine Connection!

As the bears get fatter, fishing gets lazier. Check out this hilarious moment of 907 fishing here:

Tune in here every week for more weekly updates from!

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