Visual Design in the Information Age

Steve Jobs said,

“Design isn’t how something looks…it’s how it works.”

Good design (in tech, at least) is allowing someone to perform a task with the least amount of friction. In other words, keeping the process as simple as possible.

And just as this applies to tech, it applies to content writing.

Good writing efficiently leads the reader to a destination. And whether we’re writing to educate, persuade, or entertain, we want to help the reader get where they’re going as smoothly as possible.

But there’s more to writing than the words on the page. There’s an important and often…

Timely messaging leads to effective marketing

Inspired by Copyblogger Podcast “Using Content to Systematically Move Prospects Toward a Purchase,” and Eugene Schwartz’ Breakthrough Advertising.

“MY product is for everybody.”

This type of thinking may seem natural when getting started as a business owner.

However, as we often hear from marketing professors, YouTube business gurus, and Shark Tank investors:

if you’re selling your product to everybody, you’re selling your product to nobody.

And it’s true.

What they mean here is this. We all want to get our products and ideas out to as many people as possible. …

A social media lifesaver for health-conscious businesses

It’s so easy to fall behind on marketing when you’re busy actually running your business.

And social media may seem like a real time-waster. With organic (non-advert) Facebook Page posts reaching only around 6% of the people who like your Page, an abundance of fake news stories, and the intrusive feeling that you must share something or be left behind, some people ask…what’s the point?

But there is a point. Over 2.5 billion people on the planet use social media.

And the statistics for Australian users are quite staggering — our country has some of the most prolific users in…

Don’t just do something…sit there.

At different times throughout my life, I’ve tried a variety of techniques to ensure I’m performing at my best. Some of these include ice cold showers, spoken-word morning affirmations, two-hour-long workouts, and daily doses of esoteric and obscure herbal tonics.

But the single most powerful of these tools I’ve ever discovered? Meditation.

Slow, careful technique in a fast-paced environment

Keeping a quiet mind while scrolling through a Facebook feed is hard to do. Keeping a quiet mind while creating a Facebook feed is even harder.

The concept of zen is so simple, and that’s precisely what makes it difficult to grasp. By nature, zen is non-conceptual, leaderless, and not bound by the constraints of presupposed belief or dogma.

There are and have been countless definitions of zen put forth through time. …

It’s about growing a vibrant community of like-minded humans

As an independent social media manager and consultant, I come across many people who have a peculiar idea in their head about social media.

They imagine a platform of rabid customers just waiting to spend their money at the announcement of a new ebook or service.

They imagine using social media to sell, sell, sell, and seem to carry a mindset of “these people are on Facebook for me to sell to.”

They follow the internet marketing “gurus” and think that, if they just give away enough “free content,” they’ll see reciprocation on the other end. …

A bit of advance planning can skyrocket your skills

Using a focused strategy in Settlers of Catan can get you further than you might think.

I’ve used the below techniques to improve my game from utter amateur to legitimate threat.

1. Sharp settlement sense

Superfoods burst onto the Western health food scene within the last decade, but some date back millions of years.


Açaí was discovered and originally used by Amazonian rainforest tribes to treat a multitude of ailments. The medicine men and women in the tribes work to find remedies to illness, in the form of medicinal plants, and açaí is one they’ve used for centuries.

And The Free Tools to Overcome Them

In our crazy, fast-paced, and hopefully productive startup lives, running into challenges when marketing is inevitable.

But fortunately, there’s always something more to learn! In my own effort to run and grow my business, I’ve discovered four priceless tools that help me daily, and want to share them with you here.

1. Not enough time

Most people who run startup companies will tell you: their number one challenge is that they simply don’t have enough time to complete everything they need to do. Especially when those things consist of posting on social media.

Solution: Buffer

With Buffer, you can create and schedule your social media posts…

Power-ups in the form of food

Mornings are a fascinating thing. We’ve just enjoyed a full night’s sleep, yet it’s still so tough to get up and go.

In the early days of building my healthy lifestyle, something I found challenging was food that actually helped wake me up in the morning.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that the best way to get a boost of energy, especially in the morning, is to consume *real* food. That is, food that’s closest to its natural form, instead of packaged and processed foods.

Imagine a regular morning…but with power-ups in the form of food…

Brian Isaac

Aussie writer, designer, and athlete 🇦🇺

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